Emergence of the Kannewischer Group

A fascination for special buildings and technical challenges unites the companies of the Kannewischer Group. The parent company in Switzerland is known above all for its expertise in pool water systems. Hasenkox represents a good name for medical buildings and TBP Köln is the company to turn to when it comes to churches. However, we do not want to keep our niche knowledge in niches and have joined forces to pass on the know-how. Together we have a large pool of expertise and can offer our clients first-class advice, planning and conception in all areas.


Who is involved in all companies is Harald Kannewischer. He is the founder of the Kannewischer Group, has worked in the parent company Kannewischer Ingenieurbüro AG in Switzerland since 1991 and supports all managing directors in their activities.

His philosophy and that of the entire company has always been: It only works through teamwork. Hence the logo HK&T, which stands for Harald Kannewischer and Team. Was it by chance that Hasenkox Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and TBP Köln GmbH, of all companies, became part of the group and that the logo could now also be interpreted as Hasenkox, Kannewischer and TBP?

Harald Kannewischer
Dipl. Ingenieur HTL/FH/SIA
NDS Betriebswirtschaft HSG
Chairman of the Board
In our team since 1991