Wagnerstrasse 11, Bern

In the historic Matten quarter of Bern, a former laundry house is being completely rebuilt. In 1915 this building was constructed for the plasterer and painter cooperative. A total of nine apartments are to be renovated and converted for energy efficiency. The authorities of monument protection have now classified the building as worth preserving. The architects of W2H should therefore retain the charm of the existing building.

The nine very different apartments are being freshened up with a subtle colour and material concept and with the four new balconies the house finally has an outside space.

Kannewischer Bern AG was in charge of the sanitary planning. Kitchens and bathrooms were completely renovated and replaced by modern, standard-compliant systems.


GMG, Gipser- und Malergenossenschaft Bern
CH-3007 Bern


W2H Architekten AG
CH-3008 Bern


Realisation 2018-2019

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Our services

  • Technical planning for sanitary
  • Construction management for sanitary